Richmond punk vets Ann Beretta returned in 2017 with their first new music since 2003, and now they're set to put out their first entirely new full-length album since reuniting, RISE, on February 17 via self-release (pre-order). The album was produced by singer/guitarist Rob Huddleston, engineered and mixed by the band's guitarist Pedro Aida, and mastered by fellow punk vet Mass Giorgini (Common Rider, Squirtgun, Screeching Weasel, etc). They recently put out lead single "Better Medicine," and we're now premiering second single "The Real America (S.O.S)," which features Thomas Barnett of fellow Richmond punk band Strike Anywhere. It's a driving, revved-up, total punk anthem, and as you'd probably expect from the song title and the Thomas Barnett feature, it gets political too.

"'The Real America (S.O.S.)' is a song that I hope will inspire thought and conversation- even debate," Rob tells us. "At face value one could react feeling that the America we’ve all witnessed over the last several years is in fact the REAL America but the idea here is simply that the America we live in has not yet become what it originally set out to be - a land free of persecution and based on freedom and equality for all. We simply aren’t that, at least not yet, and that is what’s at the heart of the song."

Listen below...

1. The Sound of Revolution
2. Better Medicine
3. Molotov Breakdown (Heartbreak Warfare)
4. Gimme Some Action
5. Dying to Feel Alive
6. The Real America (S.O.S)
7. Wild, Young, and Free
8. Get Up, Let's Go!
9. The Shakes (Kill the Lights)
10. Untouchable
11. The Last Song


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