Last year, experimental London musician Anna Meredith released her excellent debut album Varmints. This year, she'll be going on her first US tour around SXSW and Big Ears Festival. Here's Meredith's awesome tour announcement:

PPPPPAAAAARRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPP! [Triumphant blare on American Summoning Horn] -dear sane and lovely Americans (if able to momentarily draw your eyes from the flames)...

I am so UNBELIEVABLY McPUMPED to share details of our first US tour with you! (Can't actually quite believe it's gonna happen!!!!) ((BUT IT IS!!!)) (((attempts to do the splits as filled with joy))) (((((remember have never been able to do the splits)))) (((((ow)))))

It would mean SO MUCH if you can make these gigz, or share the info, or force your extended family and friends to come listen to our five piece band parp wonky time signatures and expertly played tuba etc LOUDLY in your FACE in the following SPLENDID locations!


p.s I'm really sorry we couldn't get everywhere we wanted to this time, saving some goodies for Tour II //slash// what a SPLENDID opportunity for a roadtrip? ⛰

The tour hits NYC on March 21 at Baby's All Right. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

All dates are listed, with a couple videos, below.

Anna Meredith -- 2017 Tour Dates
4th Feb @ Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) - Glasgow, UK
13th March (DJ-ING) @ School Night - LA
14th March @ Fine Time - LA
15th March @ Soda Bar - San Diego
16th March @ SXSW - Austin
17th March @ SXSW - Austin
18th March @ SXSW - Austin
21st March @ Baby's All Right - NY
23rd March @ Big Ears Festival - Knoxville
21st - 23rd April @ Safe As Milk - Prestatyn, UK
7th - 9th July @ Bluedot Festival - Macclesfield, UK