While Au Revoir Simone are on extended hiatus, Annie Hart is back with her second solo album, A Softer Offering, which will be out December 13. "I wanted to give listeners that chance to breathe, to relax.  A soundtrack for painting or lying in the grass," says Annie. "I thought a lot about what music I play for myself when I want to make a moment feel complete. There’s just something different when you play soft music during these ordinary spaces in life, and I wanted to make a soundtrack for that."

You can get a clear picture of the kind of soft, spacious music Annie's offering on the new album with "Don't Breathe for Me," a song she says is "about having the strength to move on from a difficult time." That song premieres in this post and you can listen, along with "Wilderness Hill," below.

Annie will play a record release show at Brooklyn's Union Pool on December 13 with Drew Citron (Beverly, Public Practice). Tickets are on sale now.


A Softer Offering Tracklist:

1. Wilderness Hill
2. Longing To Care Less
3. Wandering Free
4. Don’t Breathe For Me
5. Stillness
6. Clean Floors
7. Phoenicia No Coffee
8. Embrace The New Age
9. The Paper Pull

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