Au Revoir Simone's Annie Hart will release her debut solo album, Impossible Accomplice, on July 28 via Uninhabitable Mansions. The record's sound should be recognizable to any ARS fan -- warm, delicately layered synthpop -- but Annie has some new tricks up her sleeve and brings a directness, lyrically, that we haven't heard before. "I Don't Want Your Love," for example, which Annie tells us about:

This song, like many songs on the record, is about a horrible relationship I was in when I was younger that formed my perception of myself for years. It was awful, and the scars of his cutting words haunted me long past the time they should have, and I was beating myself up over being so stupid for being involved with someone like that. When I was writing this song, I noticed the fog of those days had finally lifted, and I realized I finally, and foremost, forgave myself for being with a manipulator, and also was proud of having moved on and happy with myself as I am, as I was before those days began.

I wanted the music to reflect my feelings at the time and how I’ve moved forward: kind of a suspended animation and a recycling, moving back and forth, a tension and a lifting. The intertwining drones and delayed electric piano to me describe that feeling, a little sickening but also captivating. It turned out to be one of my favorite songs on the record, simple and honest.

It's a lovely song that makes its premiere in this post. You can stream it, and a couple other tracks off the album, below.

Annie will celebrate the release of Impossible Accomplice on Sunday, July 16 at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn with Drawing Boards, and Madeline Kenne. She'll also play East Village club Berlin on July 28, and will open for Matt Pond, PA at Brooklyn Bazaar on September 25. Tickets for the Baby's and Brooklyn Bazaar shows are on sale now. Annie will also play South Street Seaport's outdoor Garden Bar on August 24 which is free and right after work (6 PM).

You may have also seen Annie with Au Revoir Simone not once but twice on Twin Peaks: The Return.