ANOHNI made one of our favorite albums of 2016, the powerful, political HOPELESSNESS. She debuted the live show for HOPELESSNESS at a pair of Red Bull Music Academy shows at Park Avenue Armory. Earlier this week, ANOHNI discussed those shows, the album, and a lot more on the Allegedly NYC Podcast.

Native Nuyoricans Nomi Ruiz & Ava Sanjurjo are your go to girls for Tons of Tea in NYC. On Allegedly NYC they will bring you industry gossip both indie and celebrity, nightlife news, dish on DJ culture, play new music, talk about sex and much more.

Jessica 6 vocalist Nomi Ruiz may be a familiar name for BrooklynVegan readers. Anohni and the podcast co-host met back in 2004 during the production of TURNING at Saint Ann's Warehouse, a 3-night collaboration between Antony and the Johnsons, 13 models, and film-maker Charles Atlas. They collaborated many times, have played shows together and both went on to lend vocals to Hercules and Love Affair's debut album, and remained fans of each other's work, with Anohni remarking that "Chemical Love," Nomi's song with Animal Feelings, was Anohni's favorite of 2016, and that she'd watched the video "maybe 300 times."

On the podcast, Anohni also reveals that she wanted to perform at the Park Avenue Armory shows behind a curtain while a model lip-synced for her, inspired by Black Box's Martha Walsh. Instead she found liberation in performing under a veil and having the freedom to express joy and rage. She also admits that Bjork, who she has collaborated with in the past and who was at those shows, is the person she was most star-struck by upon meeting. Much of the podcast involves candid, thought-provoking discussion of transgenderism, femininity, and the feelings of alienation that can accompany both. It's an interesting listen, and you can hear it for yourself below.