photos by Amanda Hatfield

Antony Hegarty recently released her first album as ANOHNI, the excellent, powerful HOPELESSNESS, and last night (5/18) she made the debut of the album's accompanying live show. It took place at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC, and was part of the ongoing Red Bull Music Academy.

The stage was set up with Oneohtrix Point Never (who co-produced the album with Hudson Mohawke) on one side and Christopher Elms (who's also worked with Antony collaborator Bjork) on the other, and a large screen with projections in the middle. It began with nearly 20 minutes of ambient noise and projected footage of Naomi Campbell dancing, before eventually going into HOPELESSNESS' title track.

The way the album was performed was by having close-ups on various actors' faces lip-syncing the words as ANOHNI sang them while hooded and veiled on stage. She mostly stayed out of the spotlight and didn't move around much, and you could tell that at least some of the vocals were pre-recorded. (Her voice did sound great though.) The set included every song on HOPELESSNESS (not in order), and also some unreleased material. It ended with footage of a speech by Ngalangka Nola Taylor.

ANOHNI does it again at the Park Avenue Armory tonight (5/19). Check out more pictures, videos, the setlist, and the list of performers from the film, below.


4 Degrees
Watch Me
I Don't Love You Anymore
Violent Men
Why Did You Separate Me From the Earth?
Jesus Will Kill You
Indian Girls
In My Dreams
Drone Bomb Me

Naomi Campbell
Johanna Constantine
Shirin Neshat
Pam Sneed
Marjorie Johnson
Leslie Cuyjet
Nicolette Templier
Chelsea Fryer
Vanessa Aspillaga
Mahira Kakkar
Stacey Robinson
Dr. Julia Yasuda
Sangeeta Yesley
Kembra Pfahler
Storm Lever
April Matthis
Lorraine O'Grady
Chivonne Michelle
Ching Valdes-Aran
Nola Ngalangka Taylor


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