Hercules & Love Affair have shared new song "Poisonous Storytelling" from their upcoming album In Amber. It features ANHONI, and it's their first release together since their classic 2008 single, "Blind."

"Poisonous Storytelling" is more a gothy, atmospheric mood setter a la Dead Can Dance than a disco banger, though, with pounding toms courtesy former Siouxsie & The Banshees / Creatures drummer Budgie. "'Poisonous Storytelling' started as a song called 'Sacral,'" says Hercules & Love Affair's Andy Butler. "The music evoked sacred rites, but the word ‘Sacral’ also speaks to the one of the sources of our rootedness and stability.” ANOHNI adds, "We must be careful with new narratives, because everyone is rotted out from poisonous storytelling."

There are also remixes of "Poisonous Storytelling" by Godflesh's Justin K Broadrick and techno duo Giant Swan, and you can listen to those below as well.

In Amber will be out June 17 via Skint/BMG.

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