Bring Me The Horizon left their metalcore roots behind for the EDM-pop of this year's amo, which isn't totally surprising considering a lot of former Hot Topic bands have embraced stuff like that in recent years. What was more surprising was that Grimes appeared on the album, but even that wasn't too surprising considering she already collaborated with Mindless Self Indulgence's singer a few months earlier and she's always liked mainstream metal. But I don't think we ever could have seen this coming: Bring Me The Horizon have released a new Spotify Singles session, and in it, they cover "Drone Bomb Me" off ANOHNI's great 2016 album HOPELESSNESS. The degrees of separation between ANOHNI and Hot Topic pop are many, but here we are. It's an okay cover, but hey, if it gets way more people listening to ANOHNI who may have never discovered her music otherwise, kudos to Bring Me The Horizon.