Television personality, author, former chef and general highly opinionated food-and-travel guy Anthony Bourdain has weighed in on friends Josh Homme and Mario Batali's recent scandals.

First up was Homme, a good friend who, along with his band Queens of The Stone Age, has appeared on Bourdain's No Reservations series, and who kicked a photographer at a show this weekend.

By the time Bourdain tweeted about it, Josh had already issued his "weak" initial statement:

Bourdain was more impressed with the follow up apology though:

Also Sunday night, he broke the story that he knew even more bad news was on the way:

That ended up being this morning's Eater story about superstar chef Mario Batali who has been accused by four women of "inappropriate touching" and other sexual misconduct over the last two decades. Mario is not denying it, and neither is Anthony:

Rather than denying it, Anthony is holding his two very famous friends accountable.

Bourdain then admitted on Twitter that he got an advance notice of the charges against Batali, but then clarified that he only found out weeks ago, and that it wasn't easy holding on to that information:

Meanwhile, Mario Batali is stepping away from his company and all future projects are on hold, including the new episodes of the latest version of his TV show that were planned.

Music fans may especially remember an older episode that featured --- speaking of rock star and chef BFFs -- his good friend Michael Stipe:

Bono is also a buddy:

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