With concerts, festivals, and tours not happening at the moment due to COVID-19, more and more musicians are livestreaming performances instead, whether to promote new music, connect with listeners, or just pass the time at home. Here's something you can watch from home on Saturday, March 28: Anti-Flag's A-F Records host "Takeover Fest, an A-F Records Live Stay-At-Home Event." It starts at 3 PM ET on A-F Records' Instagram, and Justin Sane and Chris #2 of Anti-Flag, Derek Zanetti of Homeless Gospel Choir, Mike Frazier, Kiri Oliver of Early Riser, Brandon Lehman of Swiss Army, and Dylan Slocum of Spanish Love Songs are all set to perform.

They'll be taking donations through Venmo, with proceeds going to the artists.

Chris #2 recently shared what he's listening to while self-isolating with us.

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