Anti-Flag recently raffled off a "fuck white supremacy" fuzz pedal and a limited edition copy of Anti-Flag - Live Vol.1 with actual pieces of a burnt American flag pressed into the vinyl, with all proceeds benefitting the official Black Lives Matter global network.

That raffle ended, but now the band is doing another one, except this time they're raffling off the long-out-of-print single "Bacon" b/w "All Cops Are...A-Z," two anti-cop songs the band wrote back in 2013. Two winners will receive the single on "bacon"-shaped picture disc, and that one is so out-of-print that it's coming from Chris #2's personal collection. 100% of the proceeds from the bids will benefit Equal Justice Initiative. The band says:

NO, WE DON’T NEED THE FUCKING COPS! We wrote these songs in 2013. These 7”s sold out insanely fast.

The work of The Equal Justice Initiative is beyond inspiring, and in hopes to support that work, we are offering up these long out of print records to benefit EJI!

The 2 shaped picture discs are from Chris #2’s personal collection. The others pulled right from our archives.

And here's more from the product description:

This item is a digital raffle ticket that entitles you to win 1 of 7 copies of Anti-Flag's "Bacon" single! Originally released in 2013, these singles are completely OUT OF PRINT! We've gathered a small handful of personal copies within the A-F camp to donate to the cause. The singles feature the songs "Bacon" and "All Cops Are... A-Z"

***PRIZES - Prizes will be given to the winners at random.***
4 Winners will receive a copy of the "Bacon" 7-inch on bone white vinyl!
2 Winners will receive a copy of the "Bacon" shaped picture disc!
1 Winner will receive a 12" TEST PRESSING of "Bacon" signed by Anti-Flag!

- 100% of the sales of these raffle tickets will go to the Equal Justice Initiative!
- 7 winners will be chosen by June 17, 2020 and you'll be contacted via email.
- You may buy more than 1 entry into the raffle if you wish to increase your chances of winning!


For more information on Equal Justice Initiative, visit

Enter the raffle HERE.

Chris #2 also recently did a video interview with idobi Radio about the recent Black Lives Matter protests, a better solution than the current police system, and what we can do to help bring about change:

Also check out a live Anti-Flag video that we recently posted in one of the daily live video roundups we've been posting amidst basically all shows being cancelled.


For ways to help out in the fight against racism and police brutality, here are some resources.

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