Anti-Flag started off 2018 continuing to support last year's American Fall, and in the fall, they put out the acoustic album American Reckoning. They also stayed busy running their A-F Records label, and they've already got some shows scheduled for 2019, including Travis Barker's Musink festival.

As the year is coming to an end, we asked Anti-Flag what their favorite albums of 2018 were, and bassist/backing-and-sometimes-lead vocalist Chris #2 and he sent a list that includes two albums they released on A-F, plus IDLES, Petal, The Interrupters, Fucked Up, Screaming Females, Culture Abuse, and more. Check out his list -- with commentary on each pick -- below.


Spanish Love Songs - Schmaltz: We released this record. It’s connected with so many people because it’s 100% authentic. There is truth in every moment of this record and there is real power in that truth.

Lee Corey Oswald - Darkness, Together: Starting with two records we released on A-F. Love the gentlemen in this band, they haven’t released a record in quite some time and when they sent me the songs I was blown away. They’re better songwriters than ever, and there isn’t a single wasteful moment on Darkness, Together.

IDLES - Joy as an Act of Resistance: The coolest record I’ve heard in a while. Insight into British politics, Brexit, their view of the changing political landscape of 2018... it's inspiring musically and empathetical, what punk rock should be.

Petal - Magic Gone: Just great songs. This record came out at the right time for me. I just connected with the songs.

The Interrupters - Fight The Good Fight: Just the best. The best people. The best songs. The best vibes. All their success is from putting positivity out into the universe and it coming back. Love this.

Direct Hit - Crown of Nothing: I wish that I could write melodies like this, so bad. Their time signatures, the whole record is thought out, every lyric matched with an equally impactful musical moment.

Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams: One of my favorite bands ever. There are sonic highs and lows, moments that challenge the listener, and then moments that affirm why Fucked Up are the best punk band there is right now.

Screaming Females - All At Once: One of the most important bands in 2018, we haven’t crossed paths in a while but I was thrilled to see them release such a powerful record.

Culture Abuse - Bay Dream: Perfect songs. Perfect production. Perfect aesthetic.

Nervus - Everything Dies: Friendship that I made at the end of this year led to me discovering this record and I couldn’t be happier that the friends I made are great and made a great record too!

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