DOWNLOAD: Why? - Close To Me (the Cure) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Why? - The Hollows (MP3)


"Oakland musician Why? (aka Yoni Wolf), performed a haunting solo set at the Independent [on December 10th]. He did a few songs acapella and played his Rhodes for the rest of the set.
The set was great, but nowhere near as long as I would have hoped. Probably around 25 minutes long. Then again, I just really wanted to hear him do a minimal version of Broken Crow again. This was the first Why? show I had seen in quite some time... maybe since the original Hymie's Basement show in Minneapolis (5 or 6 years ago)." [pictures and words by docpop]

Yoni performed solo again at Knitting Factory in NYC last night (12/17) (how was it?), and does it again tonight with many other members of the Anticon crew.

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