Seattle indie rockers Antonioni have a couple EPs dating back to 2017, and they've now signed to Lauren Records and their first single for the label is the driving, dreamy "Malcomer." "I wrote Malcolmer to celebrate vulnerability and the things women go through that I feel we are taught to suppress or keep quiet about," singer Sarah Pasillas tells us. "A 'Malcomer' is the man who is never questioned, who gets to be who he is by default -- no one is trying to control him. The man who tells you you can’t be who you are. Fuck that. I would hope the listener thinks this: I am here and I am enough."

The song's empowering message is matched by its intricate call-and-response guitars, which Sarah says came together over a fairly lengthy songwriting process. "I wrote the progression and lyrics in one sitting, though the parts were crafted and workshopped for over two years together to make this final piece. I am very grateful for my band for how much we worked on this song-- I love that we ended up with guitar parts that speak back and forth with each other."

You can watch the video for the song below, and pre-save the single here.

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