Ever since I first saw Antony perform in between Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart at Bowery Ballroom, I've been hooked on his unique sound. I regret not getting into him earlier, so that I might have caught one of his performances at St Anns Warehouse or anywhere else for that matter. Who knew that Antony had been partying and performing at the very places I often visited for the past twelve years? I wish I did.

I caught him one more time at the Neil Young tribute concert in Prospect Park over the summer. There were two more shows I was aware of since then, one being the Secretly Canadian CMJ showcase, but I couldn't make it to either. I also had no idea that he "performed at a benefit for Saint Ann's Warehouse with Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Debbie Harry and the Jazz Passengers" a week or two ago.

You can imagine then my happiness when I discovered not just one, but two upcoming Antony shows in NYC, and both at excellent venues.

1) Joe's Pub. Sunday January 9th, 9:30 pm. more info

2) Bowery Ballroom. Thursday February 24th more info

Antony & The Johnsons' new album, 'I am a Bird Now,' comes out on Secretly Canadian in February 2005. I'm listening to an advance copy right now, and it's beautiful.

A 3 song Ep entitled 'The Lake,' was released in November. The EP includes one song with Lou Reed on guitar and vocals. Secretly Canadian also reissued Antony & The Johnsons' 1998 debut album that originally came out on David Tibet of Current 93's label, Durtro.

If you haven't heard Antony before, I recommend you start with Cripple and The Starfish (mp3, right click, save target as)

Antony appeared on the Devendra Banhart curated CD, The Golden Apples of the Sun. Pitchfork liked the CD and they even liked the song Antony sang on it.

Watch video clips of a documentary made about Antony.

Arjan's got some more info on Antony

And check out this interview and unique picture