Last week, underground rap supergroup Secret Circle (aka Wiki, Lil Ugly Mane and Antwon) broke up, and Wiki and Lil Ugly Mane gave vague-ish statements explaining the breakup that seemed to be referencing the multiple allegations of rape against Antwon. Pitchfork now points out that Antwon has since posted his own statement, where he admitted, "I've taken advantage of people and situations to hide from the real me and used my platform for selfish reasons" and "I let myself treat women poorly and my ego made me justify it." He also wrote, "The main reason why I ran away from these allegations in the first place is because I was afraid people wouldn't like me anymore and my career would be over." You can read Antwon's full statement below.

Lil Ugly Mane replied with his own statement, which read, "Yesterday I made a very vague statement. I was under the impression that Antwon was going to be accountable for his actions and so I wanted to give him the opportunity to own his own bullshit and stand on his own two feet. I made a mistake. I can't sit here and act like I'm even remotely okay with that trash fucking 'statement/apology' he made. This isn't about you homie. This is all about the people you've hurt. These aren't 'allegations' and accusations.' This is shit you did. I'm sick of this language. We aren't talking about late night miscommunications or buyers regret, we're talking about zero fucking consent. It's not my story to tell so I won't go into detail but I think it's absolutely disgusting that given all the opportunities you've been given to apologize and attempt to move forward you chose to make your 'apology' all about you. Boo hoo homie. You've fucked over a lot of people with this shit, at the very very very bottom of that list is me AND WIKI. You denied and denied and stupidly we rode with you because we cared about you and trusted you." You can read the rest of Lil Ugly Mane's statement below.

Wiki also added, "Ugly and I are hurt, yes. We poured 2 years into that project. But that doesn’t even register on the scale of hurt that the victim(s) must be feeling. My heart goes out to anyone who’s been abused or violated in anyway. Our generation needs to stop this sick deeply routed problem."

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