Anxious released one of the best hardcore/emo EPs in recent memory with 2019's Never Better, which brought to mind anything from Title Fight to early 2000s Long Island emo to '90s alternative rock, and we've been anticipating their debut full-length ever since. It was originally planned for 2020, until you-know-what got in the way, but their label Triple B Records confirmed in July that they finished recording the album, and today they released a new two-song acoustic 7", New Shapes. The label says "new LP will drop later this year, use this 7" as a little teaser."

The band dive even deeper into their '90s alt-rock side on "More Than A Letter," a soaring, jangly song that'd be worthy of early '90s Gin Blossoms but still makes room for a little of Anxious' usual post-hardcore angst. No idea if this hints at the direction of the LP or if it's just a detour along the way, but either way, it's good stuff. The other song, "Not Now, Please / Dante's Afternoon" is a folky reworking of "Please Not Now" from Never Better with an instrumental piano piece at the end. Listen to both songs below and pick up physical copies of the 7" from Triple B.


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