Aphex Twin was not just an electronic music innovator, he also pushed the boundaries of the music video, most notably with his collaborations with director Chris Cunningham. If you do not remember their videos for "Come to Daddy" and "Windowlicker" it is because you have never seen them. And if you haven't, you can fix that below.

It's been 18 years since Aphex Twin has made a video but that changes now with the release of "CIRKLON3" which is from his new EP, Cheetah. For this he worked with a new rising talent: "Ryan Wyer, aged 12, of Rush, County Dublin" who Richard D. James discovered via Wyer's YouTube channel epic1:40d Gaming. (I wouldn't be surprised to also learn Wyer is his nephew or something.) Like those classic '90s videos, you still get Richard James' smiling face affixed on a new person, but here from a totally different perspective. Watch it below.

Cheetah is out July 8 via Warp.

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