Doomsday Student, a band featuring three ex-members of '90s Rhode Island noise rock band Arab on Radar, posted the following message to Facebook:

Doomsday Student message

The Kickstarter in question is HERE. and the author in question is Eric, Steve and Craig's old bandmate Jeff Schneider. So I guess a reunion is out of the question?

Jeff posted a response on the very Arab On Radar Facebook page they reference:

Doomsday Student have not posted anything since, though Jeff has continued to post updates and thank-yous and responses all over Facebook to anybody acknowledging the DS part of the story. Maybe the other guys just aren't into asking for money on the internet. Whatever it is, the mysterious message from Doomsday Student at least seems to point to a rift between the old friends (and maybe some fear from Doomsday Student that Jeff will ruin their good name or not be responsible with the collected money?)

DS Facebook commenters on DS's Facebook also want to know more. Commenter Joe writes:

Jeff Schneider was in the band, correct? Was he only involved for a short period of time or something? I can understand not wanting to be associated with his work. That's fine. But a bit more context here would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Michael agrees:

Yeah, wasn't Jeff in the band the whole time? If not, at least he's making it fairly clear that the book's from his perspective anyways. He's the cover, he's the author. I know it's not my place to decode whatever falling out must have happened between the band members, and I apologize if there's something deeper happening behind the scenes.

Some, like Lain, seem to think the Kickstarter is a legit good deal:

$500 for a tiny guitar and a book, value for money if you ask me.

Timothy says the guy has every right to write his book:

I am a huge, repeat HUGE doomsday student fan, and will support everything they do. I buy the albums, I go to shows, I buy merch, and I try to expose my friends to DS's music. That being said, Jeff was in aor, and does have every right to write and publish this book. I understand however, the need for this post to reiterate that you guys have nothing to do with his project. But I would be outright lying if I said I wasn't interested in his book, knowing full well that it is coming only from his perspective.

What are your thoughts?

Read more about the Kickstarter project below:

About this project

This project is seeking to fund the definitive, written history of the band Arab On Radar.

Funding is needed for editing, production, and advertising. The more money that is raised, the higher the production quality of this book will be. Please help make it to be its best.

Arab On Radar is one of the most iconic, legendary, and influential noise rock bands in underground musical history. Tales of the band members' escapades in sex, drugs, and violence have swirled for years. In this uncensored autobiography of the band, Mr. Clinical Depression candidly strips away the surrounding myths and reveals what life was really like for four young musicians on top of the scene, enjoying artistic creation on a level that has yet to be understood. Arab On Radar created new ways of writing and performing Rock Music and honed a style of playing that changed the landscape of underground music forever.

This project seeks to encapsulate and deliver with minute detail the entire story of this band, beginning humbly in a mill in Providence, RI, and eventually evolving to perform for crowds of over 3000 people with their signature abstract music, what some called the "Automatic Jazz."

The estimated completion date is approximately 9 months from now, during the Fall of 2017. Excerpts will be released as the book is being completed.

Risks and challenges

Arab On Radar played for tens of thousands of people over the years. The hope is that these folks will support us in making this project possible. Any contribution would be much appreciated.

There is an abundance of material and approximately 200 pages have been written, in the raw. Funding will cover professional editing and production of the book in multiple formats. Photos are secured. Interviews with "key players" are ongoing.

If the project is not fully funded, no money will be collected, no rewards will be issued, and this will unfortunately have to be shelved until it can be properly created. Please help.

This book will give fans and readers the opportunity to enjoy the entertainment behind-the-scenes, the unique experiences that helped shape the direction of underground music.

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