Aidan Moffat of Arab Strap and James Graham of The Twilight Sad have formed a new superduo, Gentle Sinners, and they'll release their debut album These Actions Cannot Be Undone on May 13 via Rock Action, with vinyl to follow in September (pre-order).

"I love being in The Twilight Sad, I’ll write with Andy [MacFarlane, Twilight Sad guitarist] for the rest of my life, but I wanted to see what else I could do, and push it as far as I possibly could," James told NME. "Then Aidan said: ‘Aye, I’ve got some stuff!'"

Referring to Arab Strap's great 2021 comeback album, Aidan added, "After a big album with a lot of words in it, I get sick of my own voice, so I tend to retreat a little bit and do instrumental stuff. It was pure serendipity that James was looking to do something that way."

Along with the announcement comes new single "Face To Fire (After Nyman)," which cribs from AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" riff and was also inspired by dance music and minimalist composer Michael Nyman. Aidan said, "When I sent it over to James I thought he’d never go for it! Then by complete surprise he sent me back the perfect song. It’s always been my dream in life to do an AC/DC-Michael Nyman crossover song about mental health issues. It’s win win all round!"

The duo also said they might play live. Read more about the project over at NME.

Before announcing the album, they put out the singles "DTM" and "Killing This Time," at which point Gentle Sinners was publicly described as "James Graham and someone else." Listen to all three below.

1. ‘Waiting For Nothing’
2. ‘Killing This Time’
3. ‘Let Them Rot’ ft. AKG
4. ‘The Cries’
5. ‘Date & Sign’
6. ‘Rent Free’
7. ‘Shores Of Anhedonia’
8. ‘Face To Fire (After Nyman)’
9. ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’
10. ‘Landfill’

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