The coronavirus pandemic has given a lot of musicians more time to dig through piles of stuff sitting in boxes and on hard drives, resulting in some pretty cool releases that may have never seen the light of day. Arab Strap fans, prepare for the motherlode -- they're releasing the massive Arab Strap Archive on Friday:

Like all our fellow musicians our plans for this year are postponed while we wait for the world to be safe again. However this surprise time off means we finally got round to something we’ve talked about for years: the Arab Strap Archive. We’ve always felt some of our best moments happened away from our usual studios and we hope this archive helps prove that true. including: the 1997 LIVE 7" and 2002 Quiet Violence EP; A new compilation, Sanitized Broadcast 99-03; all our unheard demos from 1995 onwards; 10 full gigs (with 9 different line-ups) including a "lost" 1999 live album; and many more rare and previously unheard tracks too. It’s a history of Arab Strap through the back roads and alleyways and because we're all living in financially uncertain times everything will be Name Your Price for the foreseeable future so you only need to pay whatever you can afford, or just stream for free. The Arab Strap Archive is exclusive to Bandcamp and we will open for business at 9 AM tomorrow.

As Arab Strap note, the archive launches exclusively on Bandcamp on Friday, May 1, which is one of the upcoming Fridays where Bandcamp is waiving their cut of the profits. In the meantime, you can listen The Week Never Starts Round Here below:

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