by Doug Moore

Norwegian noise rockers Arabrot already released a self-titled 2013 LP and a split with Rabbits this year, and they've got one more release slated for 2013: an EP titled Murder as Art, which mostly consists of a single song called "The Story of Lot." (And also HOLY CRAP THAT COVER ART.) Arabrot no longer has a fixed lineup, and "The Story of Lot" is radically different from their other releases this year. We premiered the lengthy tune over at Invisible Oranges, and said:

While Årabrot are best known as a Melvins-style heavy rock act, this tune has no metal influences to speak of. Instead, Nernes spins the famous tale of alcohol-fueled Biblical incest over a motorik beat, a bassline that Al Cisneros might've written within the last few years, and a slow-growing mass of analog noise. This goes on for some 15 minutes, but time is fungible when you're under its spell.

Murder As Art comes out in the States via Red Eye on November 26. Stream it below, along with their side of the Rabbits split for comparison's sake.


Arabrot - "Story of Lot"

Arabrot - "Blood of Bunny"