Laurie Anderson's classic debut album, Big Science, celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and Laurie's been having artists remix and reinterpret songs from it. Last year Sam Gendel remixed "Sweaters," and now here's Arca's remix of Big Science's title track.

Made last summer at Arca's home studio in Barcelona, it's a pretty radical remix of "Big Science." She retain's Laurie's breathy percussion, but takes the song into the jungle for a long, dark night amongst the howling creatures. Listen to Arca's remix and Laurie's original below.

Arca had a busy 2021, releasing four volumes of her KiCk album series in December.

In other news, Laurie Anderson is hosting Philip Glass' 85th Birthday Party at Rockefeller Center's Ice Rink on January 31.

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