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NY Magazine: What do you see as the biggest aesthetic and philosophical differences between you guys and the Arcade Fire?

Spencer Krug: You want me to compare Wolf Parade to Arcade Fire right now?

NY Magazine: You don't have to.

Spencer Krug: I think the differences are huge. If you want to talk about the sonic aesthetic, they have more members, they have more ambition, more of a drive for perfection than we will ever have, so they sound bigger and they sound better. [Laughs] They will always sound tighter and more thought-out. Arcade Fire has everything just so. And that is to their benefit as a band, probably.

We're friends, but we're very different in terms of music and even probably politics, and how we approach our place in the world, if that makes sense. I don't mean politics, like what they stand for, but the way they operate within this industry. They're just more successful and have had to deal with things that we'll never have to deal with it, like whether or not to play Saturday Night Live.

Wolf Parade play Terminal 5 in NYC tonight (July 31) and tomorrow (August 1). Spencer will also be will be back in NYC to play two more shows in September with Sunset Rubdown.

In related "news", Radiohead & Arcade Fire are BFF.

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