1) "Intervention" live on Saturday Night Live...

2) "Keep the Car Running" live on Saturday Night Live...

"After the end of the live show, the band stayed and performed three extra songs for the audience and cast members. Win came onto the floor and a veritable dance party of SNL cast members encircled him - the last performer to do anything like this was Bono." [Annie via E-mail]

3) The MP3s ripped from the above video

4) backstage @ SNL....

5) The NPR MP3 & stream from their final amazing NYC performance

6) MP3s from their Thursday & Friday performances in NYC

Slow as I am, I never posted my own review from the NYC shows. You've read so much about these shows already, so I'll just keep things short. I went Friday & Saturday. Friday I left feeling the show could have been better. The Saturday one (the one NPR taped) will without a doubt top my favorite shows of the year - the energy, crowd (listen to the NPR stream & you can hear Win agree), band, double-encore, opening song in the middle of the crowd, etc... - it was realy (I know, overused, meaningless word...) amazing.

Then Saturday night became even double-amazing because from Arcade Fire I ran to the remote Brooklyn location that hosted the secret-ish !!! show. SO GOOD TOO. More on that later though (hopefully).

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