Be nice to your lunch lady

"One of the hottest Canadian bands, the Arcade Fire, are treating Canterbury High School students to an impromptu concert. While the Arcade Fire's upcoming five-night stints in Montreal and New York sold-out within minutes, the indie rock super-group is offering an informal concert at Canterbury's school cafeteria on the evening of Friday, Jan. 19." [Ottawa Citizen]

Neon BibleThe band is also rumored to be playing at least one more impromptu show in Canada. They've been up to lots of fun stuff actually - most of which I can't keep track of, but the coolest of which is that THEY ARE ACTUALLY ANSWERING THE PHONE AND CALLING PEOPLE BACK when they call the "Neon Bible Hotline".

Also - the Neon Bible website is full of cool stuff, they announced a European tour, a fourth track leaked, a fan made leaked-song video was pulled off YouTube, and THE ALBUM ("Neon Bible") IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. That's the cover art there to the right.

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