"arcade fire. scarlett johansson. snl. win." - Paul

"Sometimes SNL shows me great new bands that I cant believe I haven't heard of... Arcade fire is not one of them #bandsthatsuck" - dj tillery

"I think I just became a fan of Arcade Fire." - Gregory

"I'm so confused by Arcade Fire. #SNL" - Vince Mahtani

"nick zinner from the yeah yeah yeahs is adding synth
for arcade fire on snl right now." - Christian Davis

"Could anything get more pretentious than Arcade Fire on SNL tonight? hitler youth haircuts, tron blazers and interpretive dances? Beat it."
- keith buckley of Epitaph-signed band Everytime I Die

"Arcade Fire (plus owen pallett) on SNL ...amazing" - Julie Foster

"Never heard Arcade Fire before.
Hope to never hear them again. Ugh." - Karen Sugarpants

"Regine and Win are so crazy/awesome/cute/spectacular.
Arcade Fire, I love you." - Andrew R

"whoa, arcade fire's snl performance was worse than ashlee simpson's. and the singer's hair was even worse than the performance." lisa cunningham

"Just watched The Arcade Fire on SNL.
Man, I'd love to see that band live." - Nicole Harpel

"Arcade fire is super weird." - Sarah Evans

"Could arcade fire be the worst band to ever grace snl?
Im beginning to think so." - Lauren Burdick

this was someone's ticket to see Arcade Fire on SNL (trishavirga)
Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire made their second appearance on Saturday Night Live last night (11/13/10). Videos from the show, and more below...


show promo

Arcade Fire - "We Used To Wait" 11/13 SNL

Arcade Fire - "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" 11/13 SNL

a digital short w/ the band on the same episode (Youtube via AudioPerv)

official version of the digital short

Arcade Fire On TV - 11/13/10

And it looks like Arcade Fire decided to keep playing after the credits rolled....

"Snuck onto SNL tonight for the first time. Friggin Arcade Fire's giving a free concert post show. How cool!" - Questo of The Roots

Questlove's first picture of the "free concert"
Arcade Fire

"Mofos is goin crazy in here. ScarJo is damn near square dancin in front of me #arcadefiresnlconcert" - Questo of The Roots

Questlove's second picture of the "free concert"
Arcade Fire

someone's else's pic of the after-show... (scottfalconer)
Arcade Fire

...which didn't last that long...

"Holy shit... Aftershow 3 song set by Arcade Fire on SNL set
just blew my mind." - Scott Simons

and in 2007:

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