UPDATE: Our gallery of Arcade Fire photos is HERE.

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire headlined the final night of Voodoo Fest 2016 on Sunday in New Orleans (maybe you streamed it?). The many-membered group included sometimes-member Owen Pallett and backup dancers and extra drummers for some songs of the hit-filled set. Check out the full song list and stay tuned for our full set of photos coming soon.

At one point Win asked the crowd if they want to be on a record and then had everybody sing "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na". That was the closest we got to a new song, unlike the night before when they reportedly played some new songs at an intimate secret warm up show:

Arcade Fire took over an empty space at New Orleans's Secondline Stages and transformed it into a proving grounds for some of what will likely become the band's newest album. Performing in front of an audience of about 175 Halloween costumed fans, the Montreal-based group unleashed a storm of dynamic, danceable rock. The new music, driven by percussive-heavy beats with a flavor of disco, had a sharp focus on weighty topics. The band seem ready and eager to share their work with larger crowds.

The latest news is that the next album isn't due until the spring 2017. Will Butler, Win's brother and fellow band-member, already teased its release during a Reddit AMA over the summer, noting even then that the time-frame was speculative.

Other Voodoo anecdotes included Win talking about his love of New Orleans ("we've been spending a lot of time here." and "It makes me proud to be an American to be in New Orleans"), "Fuck British Petroleum" in response to how much BP gave New Orleans for an oil spill, and a bit of politics talk to introduce "Intervention" (It's that time of the year).

Check out our Voodoo 2016 photos so far HERE and HERE and HERE.

UPDATE: Our gallery of Arcade Fire photos is HERE.

Stay tuned for the more from this day, but here are a few and the AF setlist too:

Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire

setlist: Arcade Fire @ Voodoo Experience -- 10/30/16
01 Ready to Start
02 The Suburbs
03 The Suburbs (cont)
04 Sprawl II
05 Reflektor
06 Afterlife
07 We Exist
08 Normal Person
09 Keep the Car Running
10 Intervention
11 My Body Is a Cage
12 We Used to Wait
13 No Cars Go
14 Haiti
15 Tunnels
16 Power Out
17 Rebellion (Lies) - with Ghostbusters Theme snippet
18 Here Comes the Night Time
19 Wake Up

(thanks arcadefiretube for typing that setlist out)

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