Archers of Loaf at Bowery Ballroom in April (more by Joe McCabe)
Archers of Loaf

Archers of Loaf, who were last here in April, are part of this year's 4Knots Festival in July which will be NYC's first chance to see the reunited '90s indie rockers for free since reuniting last year. Before that, the band will head to Canada for both NXNE in Toronto and Sled Island Fest in Calgary. They also just announced a bunch of new dates which are listed below.

In other news, now there's a new Archers of Loaf documentary titled What Did You Expect? that will screen at NXNE, Sled Island... and at the CBGB Festival. The NYC screening will be July 5 at 7:15PM at the Sunshine, followed by a Q&A. Here's the synopsis:

Indie rock icons the Archers of Loaf reunited in 2011, and during the course of their reunion tour played two legendary concerts at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC. Combining in-your-face concert footage along with rare interviews of the band, this film by director Gorman Bechard documents those concerts, and captures the excitement and explosive energy of what its like to see this extraordinary band perform live.

You can watch the trailer for What Did You Expect? below. In other Loaf news, after having the band's first two album reissued last year, Merge will reissue the rest of the band's catalog -- All the Nations Airports and White Trash Heroes -- on August 7. Both albums have been remastered by Bob Weston and feature re-imagined cover art, new liner notes and "copious bonus material." Both will be available as double-CD, colored vinyl or digital download.

The new album art and tracklistings for All the Nations Airports and White Trash Heroes are below, along with a list of all Archers of Loaf tour dates, What Did You Expect? screening dates and trailer.



Archers of Loaf - All the Nations Airports (Reissue)

Track listing:
1. Strangled by the Stereo Wire
2. All the Nations Airports
3. Scenic Pastures
4. Worst Defense
5. Attack of the Killer Bees
6. Rental Sting
7. Assassination on X-mas Eve
8. Chumming the Ocean
9. Vocal Shrapnel
10. Bones of Her Hands
11. Bumpo
12. Form and File
13. Acromegaly
14. Distance Comes in Droves
15. Bombs Away

Bonus Disc:
1. Density
2. Little Jets
3. Strangled by the Stereo Wire (4-Track Demo)
4. All the Nations Airports (4-Track Demo)
5. Scenic Pastures (4-Track Demo)
6. Trilogy (4-Track Demo)
7. Assassination on X-Mas Eve (4-Track Demo)
8. Chumming the Ocean (4-Track Demo)
9. Vocal Shrapnel (4-Track Demo)
10. Bones of Her Hands (4-Track Demo)
11. Bumpo (4-Track Demo)
12. Form and File (4-Track Demo)
13. Acromegaly (4-Track Demo)
14. Distance Comes in Droves (4-Track Demo)
15. Bombs Away (4-Track Demo)
16. Density (4-Track Demo)
17. Little Jets (4-Track Demo)
18. There Has To Be Something (4-Track Demo)
19. Total Failure (4-Track Demo)

White Trash Heroes

Archers of Loaf - White Trash Heroes (Reissue)
1. Fashion Bleeds
2. Dead Red Eyes
3. I.N.S.
4. Perfect Time
5. Slick Tricks and Bright Lights
6. One Slight Wrong Move
7. Banging on a Dead Drum
8. Smokers in Love
9. After the Last Laugh
10. White Trash Heroes

Bonus Disc:
1. Jive Kata
2. Fashion Bleeds (4-Track Demo)
3. Dead Red Eyes (4-Track Demo)
4. Slick Tricks and Bright Lights (4-Track Demo)
5. One Slight Wrong Move (4-Track Demo)
6. Banging on a Dead Drum (4-Track Demo)
7. Smokers in Love (4-Track Demo)
8. After the Last Laugh (4-Track Demo)
9. White Trash Heroes (4-Track Demo)
10. Untitled and Forgotten (4-Track Demo)
11. Walk of Shame
12. Untitled
13. Whooh!

Archers of Loaf - 2012 Tour Dates
June 16 Toronto, ON Phoenix
June 23 Calgary, AB Sled Island Festival at Republik
July 14 New York, NY 4 Knots Music Festival at South Street Seaport
Aug 10 Atlanta, GA The Earl
Aug 11 Atlanta, GA The Earl
Aug 18 Nashville, TN Mercy Lounge
Aug 24 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge
Aug 25 Minneapolis, MN 400 Bar
Aug 26 Minneapolis, MN 400 Bar


What Did You Expect? screenings:
June 15 Toronto, ON NXNE Festival (World Premiere)
June 18 Calgary, AB Sled Island Festival
July 5 New York, NY CBGB Fest (US Premiere)
July 7 Chapel Hill, NC Cat's Cradle
Aug 15 Minneapolis, MN Trylon

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