Much-loved '90s-era North Carolina indie rockers Archers of Loaf reformed in 2011 for tours, and played shows in 2015 too. In a new interview in Exclaim!, frontman Eric Bachmann says new Archers music could be on the way. "Oh yeah, everybody wants to do it — I just have to write the songs," Eric says."I'm not going to give them the mellow stuff, but I do have other songs that would be good for a guitar-bass-drums setup, I just haven't finished them."

Eric notes that his Archers bandmate Eric D. Johnson plays all the electric guitar on Bachmann's forthcoming solo album. "I'm a fan of his guitar playing and we talked about doing more Archers songs when we recorded this stuff and he said, 'Just let me know man.'" He says that he's been working on songs for Archers but becoming a father has slowed the process down.

While we wait for new Archers of Loaf material, Bachmann's new album, No Recover, is out September 7, and heads out on a tour of living rooms and intimate venues starting this week.