My Bloody Valentine surprised the world in 2013 when they actually released a new album, some 22 years after their masterwork Loveless. It was good, and then they toured and those shows were good too. Main man Kevin Shields talked about releasing a new MBV EP, as well as direct-analogue vinyl remasters of Isn't Anything and Loveless...none of which have materialized yet. Could those reissues be coming soon...along with a new My Bloody Valentine ALBUM in 2018?

According to Shields' bio on the website for Sigur Ros' Norður Og Niður festival, yes. It reads, at the end, "kevin is currently finishing an all analog vinyl version of loveless and isn’t anything and is also working on material for a new my bloody valentine album to be released in 2018." Obviously take any release date information regarding My Bloody Valentine with a few grains of salt, and we're not going to get our hopes up, but the idea of a new album is now planted in our heads. I mean, anything is possible. Stay tuned.

That festival takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland between Christmas and New Years and also features Jarvis Cocker, Stars of the Lid, and more.