Radiohead‘s fifth LP, Amnesiac, came out 20 years ago on Saturday (6/5) in the US (6/4 in the UK), and it appears they have an announcement regarding it and their fourth album, 2000’s Kid A, in the works. Before the final edition of their archival concert streaming series today (where they aired their May 2001 show at Théâtre Antique in Vaison-la-Romaine, France), they aired a cryptic video featuring the Kid A and Amnesiac CDs being taped together.

Is a reissue on the way? Or a box set? The two albums did come from the same recording sessions which they considered releasing as a double album before ultimately deciding it to split it up. But maybe we’ll get the record they originally had in mind. Stay tuned, and watch the concert video, and teaser, below.