It appears that Billy Corgan is getting the old band back together. Sorry Zwan fans, but we're talking the classic lineup of The Smashing Pumpkins. Well, at least Corgan, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin.  Last week he posted a photo on Instagram of the three of them hanging out in the studio. Since then he's posted other shots in the studio, including one of Chamberlin playing drums. Billy, who would rather you call him William these days, has been talking about reuniting the band for a 2018 tour for a while. D'Arcy reportedly says it's happening, but just not with her.

In another recent Instagram post, Corgan said that 17 songs have been worked on. Then on Saturday, as Stereogum notes, in the middle of a longer, digression-filled Instagram post accompanying a '90s-era photo of him, Corgan wrote "As an example, we are currently in the studio with Rick Rubin. But unless I show you a picture of Rick sitting Buddha-like at a mixing desk, you probably wouldn't know that." The longwinded nature of the post, and Corgan playing coy in general, makes it a little unclear if Rick is producing the album for sure or what. Rick produced Corgan's 2017 solo album, Ogilala.

The post in question dealt with fans worried reactions to an earlier Instagram with an IV going into Corgan's arm. but he says it was just "an IV full of vitamins and homeopathy to assist in getting over this vicious flu."  He then posted a video of him singing "I'm fine" over and over, and he also recently underwent some cupping treatment.

With big album/tour news getting announced what seems like hourly lately, we might know details sooner than later. stay tuned, and you can read Billy's Instagram updates below.

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