UK rock mag Kerrang have decided to make what they call "our definitive, objective, indisputable list of the single best heavy metal band from every U.S. state." Metallica winning California, Pantera winning Texas, and Slipknot winning Iowa were pretty much shoo-ins, but is Anthrax really the best metal band from New York? Is Red Fang really the best metal band from Oregon? Is Skeletonwitch really the best metal band from Ohio? Is Code Orange really the best metal band from Pennsylvania?

Other picks: Melvins win Washington, Pallbearer wins Arkansas, Death wins Florida, Mastodon wins Georgia, Ministry wins Illinois, Eyehategod wins Louisiana, Clutch wins Maryland, Converge wins Massachusetts, Repulsion wins Michigan, Overkill wins New Jersey, Corrosion of Conformity wins North Carolina, Today Is The Day wins Tennessee, Lamb of God wins Virginia.

See all the picks on the map above and read more at Kerrang.

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