Ryan Parrish (ex-City of Caterpillar, ex-Darkest Hour, Iron Reagan) and Graham Scala have both been very busy lately. Their band Bleach Everything recently put out a two-song single, and Ryan's new band Terminal Bliss (with pg.99/Pygmy Lush members) recently released their killer debut EP Brute Err/ata, while Graham also put out music with Collapse Culture. The pair are also set to release an ambient album as Arepo this Friday (3/26) via Pax Aeternum (pre-order), and we're premiering a full stream of the album in this post.

"Though Ryan and I have worked together on a lot of projects already, I'm particularly excited about this one because it's the first time we've let ourselves explore some of the further extremes of our taste with no constraints or expectations placed upon what we came up with," Graham tells us. "It covers a lot of ground and it may not always be an easy or a comfortable listen but it's likely the closest anyone will come to hearing what the inside of our heads sounds like."

The album's Bandcamp description also adds some more context:

Arepo was conceived initially as an outlet for the sort of ambient music that the two share a deep and abiding love of but the end result was something stranger, darker, and less easily categorizable. In their debut album, out March 26th on Pax Aeternum, billowing washes of synth undergird shredded instrument loops in a disorienting whole that draws on dark ambient electronics, electro-acoustic conceptual processes, and granular synthesis explorations with additional violin contributions from multi-instrumentalist Bonnie Cosby helping to accentuate the album's pensive, cinematic atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of this LP by streaming it below...



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