Veteran Argentinian producer and Lulacruza cofounder Uji will release a new album, TIMEBEING, on October 21 via ZZK Records. The album finds him continuing to mix field recordings with forward-thinking dance music. “The art of making music is the art of manipulating time,” says Uji of the album. “I have had experiences where time shifts dramatically; sometimes it slows down to a halt, while moments seemingly become infinite. This is where the magic happens. This is when the fabric of what we call reality begins to show its seams.”

The first single from the album is the hypnotic, compelling "Oropo." Uji says, "True to the album’s borderless spirit, 'Oropo' is primarily powered by the seesawing melodies of the jaw harp, the scratchy percussive tones of the qraqeb (a percussive instrument often used in Moroccan gnawa music) and a spellbinding series of shamanic refrains, but it’s the song’s celestial pads that bring in a sense of ritual magic, twinkling like the stars on a clear, moonlit night."

The video for "Oropo" was directed by Jazmin Calcarami and is the opening to the accompanying eight-part film for the album. The synopsis: "A group of 8 women gather to perform a ritual, as ancient as time itself. Among them we see a young woman, ASUKA, with an ouroboros tattooed on her neck. She places the mercurial object into a fountain filled with water, giving way to her activation." The video premieres in this post and you can watch below.


01. Oropo
02. Sirios
03. QuemaQuema
04. Truenatruena
05. Mito
06. Kinto
07. Lunay
08. Flechas

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