Independent label Mexican Summer is celebrating its 10th anniversary and, like they did for their fifth anniversary, are throwing a big party on November 17 at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It features Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Arp, Pill, Drugdealer, Tonstartssbandht, the first ever New York performance of FJ McMahon and Quilt, plus Jess Williamson, Allah-Las, Part Time (performing the music of What Would You Say? and PDA), Ariel Pink, and a "very special, Swedish guest" (hmm). Plus: Cate Le Bon, Photay and more will be Djing. Tickets are via a donation to Pioneer works ($10-$100) and are available now.

There is also a 10th anniversary compilation, titled A Decade Deeper, which features unreleased tracks from Ariel Pink, Swedish band Dungen, Allah-Las, Drugdealer, and more. You can listen to Arp's contribution, "Il Sogno Di Monica," and check out the tracklist, below.

A Decade Deeper - Tracklist
Arp - “Il Sogno Di Monica”
Part Time - “Saturday Night”
Ariel Pink - “Nonsequitur Segues”
Drugdealer - “Be Thou By My Side”
Robert Lester Folsom - “Strolling Along”
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - “Crescent”
Dungen - "Puerto Vantör"
Pill - “Naked Muse”
Allah-Las - “Marionberry Jam”
PAINT - “Land Man”
Jassbusters - “B’nD (NY)”
Gregg Kowalsky - “Limon Limon”
Tonstartssbandht - “Livin’ In Hope”