Having been dropped by his label Mexican Summer after attending the Trump rally last week that turned into the riot on Capitol Hill, Ariel Pink defended himself in a fairly surreal interview with Fox News' genuinely horrible Tucker Carlson, saying that the situation leaves him "destitute on the street."

Ariel, who was in Washington with John Maus and filmmaker Alex Lee Moyer, maintained that they left the Capitol before the Trump-incited insurrection happened --  "I went to the White House to see our president, I went to the hotel,  took a nap, end of story" -- but after initially being told by Mexican Summer that he would not be dropped, a day later he was and that things have gotten worse since. "My family's been getting death threats. They don't even know that I'm here...the hate has just been overwhelming...people are so mean."

Tucker Carlson then asked "You've lived in the country all your life -- do you recognize it?" "Not at all," Ariel replied, "I'm terrified. This is what I voted against. I didn't vote so much for Trump as I did against cancel culture."

Pink told Carlson he's not worried about being destroyed as a person from this. "I've been canceled before, I've been canceled many times I know how the whole thing works, it doesn't really affect my ego, which isn't to say it doesn't hurt my feelings." He added "I know I didn't do anything wrong so there's no reason I should feel remorseful about this."

When asked why he was coming on FOX News, Pink said "I don't have any other recourse. Am I going to be able to get 'my statement' out in magazines? Right now the narrative is being pushed and there's not many people who are going to let a counter narrative enter into the fold...I don't know what I'm going to do."

Unlike many who attended last week's rally, Ariel told Tucker that he thinks Trump lost the election fairly. "I'm not disputing anything. Biden is perfectly fine with me as president" but he thinks that Biden supporters are "sore winners" and that "people want to kick me down as well."

"When reasonable people like you are destroyed, all of us should take notice," Carlson said wrapping up the interview. You can watch the whole interview below.

Meanwhile, the same day Ariel PInk was in DC, he was accused of physical & sexual abuse by ex-girlfriend and bandmate Charlotte Ercoli Coe in a court case in Los Angeles.

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