Arlene's Grocery celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. The Lower East Side fixture has seen everyone from Arcade Fire and The Strokes to Lady Gaga and Jeff Buckley perform in its 150 capacity live room over the last two and a half decades, not to mention live band karaoke, interesting cover bands, and stand-up comedy. As there are less bars and clubs and more hotels in the neighborhood these days, it's remained a place where an unsigned artist could still get a show.

Unfortunately that may not be the case for much longer, though, according to Arlene's who say they'll close in February without aid:

Hit hard like many, the Covid pandemic has devastated our industry. After 25 years of serving the Lower East Side, and giving a platform for musicians and artists alike, Arlene’s Grocery is on life support. Without any aid we will not be able to continue to serve our community and will be closing our doors on February 1st. The owners and staff members are absolutely heartbroken💔. Arlene’s has become a home to so many over the years and we are in desperate need of your help.

They've launched a Help Us Save Arlene's campaign, where you can support the club via a GoFundMe, their Venmo, their merch store, and a Patreon.

Help out Arlene's if you can, and check out video of The Strokes playing there in 2000, as well as a recording of Jeff Buckley live at Arlene's and Jim Carrey covering Radiohead, below.

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