Arlo Parks' anticipated debut LP, Collapsed in Sunbeams, is finally here. As I wrote in today's edition of Notable Releases...

Arlo has been rolling out the singles for her debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams for almost a year straight, and she has continued to rapidly rise throughout the process. She's made fans out of the likes of Billie Eilish and Lily Allen, and her music should appeal to fans of both. Arlo has the minimal pop vibes of the former and a similar voice (and strong British accent) to the latter. Arlo's praises have also been sung by Florence Welch and Phoebe Bridgers, and she has covered and collaborated with Phoebe (on a Radiohead cover), and she's also worked with Romy from The xx, Clairo, and more. It's easy to see why so many talented artists are drawn to Arlo's music; maybe it's just because some of these songs have been out for several months, or because Arlo reminds you of some of those aforementioned artists, but these songs stick with you and they quickly feel like songs you've known your whole life. The jazz-meets-indie-meets-pop instrumentals (produced with Tei Shi collaborator Gianluca Buccellati) and Arlo's smooth, silky voice are warm, welcoming, and nostalgia-inducing. But no matter who you think Arlo sounds most like, there's an undeniable freshness to her music. The way she toes the line between honoring musical traditions and forging her own path feels nearly effortless.

You can stream the album now, and buy it on limited edition yellow vinyl -- along with a bonus CD -- from the BrooklynVegan shop.

The bonus CD packaged with the vinyl -- not available as a standalone product -- is titled Best Of The Lo Fi Lounge and features some of Arlo's bedroom recordings and covers, including her takes on Phoebe Bridgers' "Moon Song," Frank Ocean's "Ivy," Clairo's "Bags," and King Krule's "Baby Blue." The full CD tracklist, videos of some the songs, and Arlo's Thursday night (1/28) performance of "Hurt" on Jimmy Kimmel Live, her late night debut, are below.

Arlo Parks - Collapsed in Sunbeams mustard yellow vinyl
Arlo Parks Lofi Lounge

Arlo Parks
Best Of The Lo Fi Lounge CD [available with mustard vinyl]
a collection of bedroom recordings and covers by Arlo.

1. Cola - Lo Fi Lounge
2. Hurt - Lo Fi Lounge
3. Black Dog - Lo Fi Lounge
4. Black Dog Poem - Lo Fi Lounge
5. Moon Song (Phoebe Bridgers) - Lo Fi Lounge
6. Bags (Clairo) - Lo Fi Lounge
7. Baby Blue (King Krule) - Lo Fi Lounge
8. Ivy (Frank Ocean) - Lo Fi Lounge


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