The 2018 Ecstatic Music Festival, which features unique collaborations between the worlds of pop and composers, continued on March 1 at the Kaufman Center with a performance by Arone Dyerrs Dronechoir Miracle and Mahogany L Browne. The show began with solo performances -- Browne doing spoken word with Imani Davis and Ramya Ramana, and followed by a theatrical set from Dyer (who is one half of Buke & Gase).

Dronechoir Miracle, a special version of Dyer's singing collective Dronechoir, was the main event, and featured an assemblage of vocalists including Jen Goma, Nandi Plunkett (Half Waif), Phyllis Lee, Lola Johnson and more, as well as Browne, Davis and Ramana, plusprojections from Bleue Liverpool. Pictures from that performance are in the gallery above and the full list of Dronechoir Miracle vocalists is below..

The next Ecstatic Music Festival performance happens March 22 at The Kaufman Center with Glasser who will debut her new acoustic trio with Robbie Lee and Eleonore Oppenheim, and will be joined by duo big dog little dog (tickets).


Vocalists of Dronechoir Miracle:
Arone Dyer
Scout Gillett
Alicia Walter
Emma Wiseman
Jen Goma
Nandi Plunkett
Phyllis Lee
Lindsey-Paige McCloy
Starr Busby
Lola Johnson
Ginger Dolden
Kate Steinberg
Rose Blanshei
Thimali Kodikara


photos by David Andrako

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