The fifth season of Arrested Development premieres May 29 on Netflix, and to promote it, the show will be hosting many events across the country this week. This includes the "Stair Car Tour," which has the show's signature Bluth Company vehicle stopping at many American cities (it appeared in NYC earlier this month). In addition, the show will be hosting many "never-nude meetups" -- the next happening in NYC on Saturday, May 19, first at Washington Square Park from 12 PM - 13:30 PM, and then moving to The Mall in Central Park from 3:30 PM - 4 PM. The entire schedule of dates and cities can be found HERE.

In other AD news, Portia De Rossi (Lindsay Bluth) appeared on Ellen Wednesday morning in promotion of the new season. During her appearance, it was announced that only the season's first eight episodes will be available on the premiere date of May 29, as opposed to the full season. Portia also announced that she'll only be appearing in "five episodes" of the upcoming season, and that she's quit acting for good, shifting her focus to business. "I was approaching 45, and I was just wondering was there something that I could tackle now that I’ve never done before that would be very challenging and different," she says. You can watch the interview, and view the season five trailer, below.

Arrested Development also recently debuted it's reedited, "remixed" version of season 4.

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