Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz said the show's fifth season would debut "like real soon...Like, if you knew when, you would not be wrong to be thinking 'Why are we all just hearing this now?'" He wasn't joking, it looks like Arrested Development Season 5 drops May 29 on Netflix. This is according to the Bluth Company Stair Car that was spotted (via Reddit) in NYC, with "May 29 Netflix" emblazoned on the side, also with hashtag #AD5 and a website URL: When you currently go there is just a banana emoji in the upper left corner. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The Season 5 Trailer is out, watch below.

Meanwhile, the "remixed" version of the show's fourth season, now titled Arrested Development: Fateful Consequences, was released on Netflix this past Friday, turning the original 15 episodes, which each focused on one character of the Bluth family, into 22 more traditionally structured AD episodes. I watched about half of it and, while it can't solve the problem of not having all the cast together at the same time (there's a lot of green screen and overdubbing), it definitely feels like an improvement. Season 5 is said to deal with -- spoiler alert -- the S5 death (murder?) of Lucile 2 (Liza Minnelli) and if the website is any indication, maybe someone is running for office (and as the trailer shows, it's Lindsay).

Season 5's cast will include Jeffrey Tambor, who left Transparent amid sexual harrassment allegations which he continues to deny.

Meanwhile: Arrested Development narrator (and executive producer) Ron Howard, who directed Solo: A Star Wars Story, put his signature narration on the original Star Wars for May the Fourth.

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