54/10 Music Marathon

The 2nd Annual 54/10 Music Marathon kicks off tonight (6/14) at Ars Nova (511 West 54th St, NY, NY) and runs through June 25. Three different bands play each night and food will be available via the Joyride Ice Cream Truck, Eddie's Pizza Turck, Go Burger, Kimchi Taco Truck, and Jiannetto's Pizza. According to an interview with NY Press:

"A new addition this year is, we really wanted to create an atmosphere where people were really here for the whole night, and we wanted to make giving a chance to a band as easy and rewarding as possible, so we tried to think about what people might want to do in the breaks in-between bands, because that's definitely one place where venues just throw on a house mix. So we now have secured ourselves food trucks for every night of the marathon, so it's a different food truck every night. Last year we didn't have a very clear way to publicize the festival as a whole, so this year we've created a listening station where we have some iPods out with albums from each of the bands, so if you're here for whichever night, you're able to listen to albums by the other bands while you're waiting in-between sets or before the show."

You can see which truck will be there each night at their site.

ARMS play the marathon on June 23 with Thunder and Lightning and Miracles of Modern Science. Other familiar names on the schedule include Toys and Tiny Instruments, Murder Mystery and Ethan Lipton Tickets are available for all shows.

The full music schedule is below..

Ars Nova's 2nd Annual 54/10 Music Marathon line-up:

Tuesday 6/14
Rags Parkland
The Tillers
Roosevelt Dime

Wednesday 6/15
The Eclectic
Nick Blaemire
Toys and Tiny Instruments

Thursday 6/16
Rebecca Hart
Blue Bottle Collection
Ethan Lipton

Friday 6/17
Freddy Hall
Declan Bennett
Clydesdale Erotic

Saturday 6/18
Murder Mystery
Omar Zubair

Monday 6/20
54/10 BENEFIT SHOW featuring Freestyle Love Supreme

Tuesday 6/21
Corey TuT

Wednesday 6/22
Lauren Pritchard

Thursday 6/23
Thunder and Lightning
Miracles of Modern Science

Friday 6/24
Justin Levine
Great Caesar
Clinton Curtis

Saturday 6/25
Christopher Jackson
Basement Batman