Art Goblins are sort of Art Brut, and Art Goblins only sort of played in Brooklyn on Saturday night....

Art (Brut) Goblins @ Music Hall, NYC - Oct 20, 2007 (CRED)
Art Goblins @ Music Hall

"Art Goblins didn’t play their 9:15pm set because Eddie missed his flight and arrived to the venue late. When presented with the fact that they may not play, they decided to play an semi-plugged in set in the Music Hall lobby." [Metromix]

"Art Goblins missed their opening set but treated the crowd to a short impromptu set of Art Brut songs as everyone was leaving. With just an amp in the corner of the lobby and a screaming Eddie Argos, it was the perfect way to close out CMJ. We walked home and slept for 24 hours." [Obscene NYC]

video below....

Matt & Kim headlined this sold out show (@ the Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY - part of CMJ, Saturday night October 20, 2007).

The Hood Internet played too.