by Doug Moore

Artificial Brain at Saint Vitus (more by Caroline Harrison)

We've nerded out about Long Island's death metal oddities Artificial Brain a few times recently -- their debut LP, Labyrinth Constellation, is as exciting and fun as contemporary death metal gets.

Two singles from the album are already available, and now we just debuted the title track over at Invisible Oranges. From our writeup:

The opening riff to the title track is an excellent example of these tricky melodies. Guitarists Dan Gargiulo and Jon Locastro weave together night-sky harmonies over Sam Smith's hummable bass line. Then Keith Abrami leans into a blastbeat, and the whole song heaves itself airborne, taking the listener with it. It's a great set-piece on an album that's loaded with them. Death metal is all about effective teamwork, and these five musicians play off each other to hair-raising effect multiple times per song.

Labyrinth Constellation comes out on February 21st on Profound Lore. Stream its title track below...