Today came the sad news that avant-garde guitarist and composer Glenn Branca passed away. Glenn inspired so much great music over the years, so it's no surprise that tributes are pouring in from all different types of musicians. Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, who was in one of Glenn Branca's early ensembles and performed on his classic album The Ascension, posted the following on Instagram: "The beginning of my time in New York, 1979-1980, would have been nothing without the genius work that Glenn Branca was doing at that time. The most radical, intelligent response to punk and the avant garde I’d ever seen. Sad to hear of his passing today." You can see his full post with two pictures, below.

Lee's Sonic Youth bandmate Thurston Moore posted a photo on Facebook of him performing with Glenn, and wrote: "Love and good energy to Reg Bloor and all Glenn's friends and family. The man's creative light and spiritual aesthetic he'd continually express in his work was, in all truth, a defining inspiration for many of us. I'll always reflect fondly our friendship through the years. A lot of the early and mid 1980s we'd pal around discussing and listening to the nether margins of recorded music and literature, arguing, debating, laughing, yelling. His bristling irascibility was a good thing, in my book. A genuine explorer, living the life of an artist, in all its resplendent poverty, with authentic devotion to sharing sound as a sentient and intellectual force. And a brilliant iconoclast and individual - I'll always be grateful to being in his company. Glenn considered the sonic arrow to the sky, opening the gates of heaven, and he made it." See his full post below.

Also below, you can see tributes from actor/musician John Lurie (The Lounge Lizards, Stranger than Paradise, Down by Law, etc), Cedric Bixler Zavala (At the Drive In, Mars Volta), Geoff Rickly (Thursday), Ryley Walker, Blanck Mass, Sarah Lipstate (Noveller), Chris Traynor (Orange 9mm, Helmet), Hookworms, Greys, and more.

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