Asbury Park is getting a new 60,000 square-foot performing arts space called Asbury J.A.M.S. (Jobs, Arts, Music and Science). The project is in the works now, and the completion date is still unknown. Here's more info from the Shore Point Architecture website:

Envisioned as a "keystone project" in the revitalization of Asbury Park's West Side Community, Asbury J.A.M.S (Jobs, Arts, Music, and Science) will provide both a visual gateway to the Springwood Avenue Corridor and serve as a destination for people coming to Asbury Park to experience the city's vibrant Arts and Music scene.

This arts-centric mixed use building will feature three anchor attractions: a 200-seat performance/plenary lecture hall, a museum quality gallery space, and a lounge/restaurant designed as part supper club, part theatre.

J.A.M.S will also feature a green roof supporting a roof-top garden that can function as an outdoor performance venue.

That's one of the renderings pictured above, and you can see four more from different angles HERE.

In other Asbury Park news, the Asbury Park Surf Music Festival is this week.

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