Thor Equities

"Free rides and food for Thor guests on Thursdays in August. Won't see any of this next year! It'll be an empty lot. Goodbye Astroland! Farewell Break Dance!" [by me-myself-i]

Don't say farewell to Break Dance. Buy Break Dance! It's currently going for just under $300,000. The entire list of rides for sale is HERE.

The Cyclone and Wonder Wheel are landmarks though, so even after the last trace of Astroland disappears, those will always be there to ride, or at least look at like the old Parachute jump. More pictures below...

The Cylcone, Siren Fest 2008 (more by Bao Bguyen)
The Cyclone

Fiery Furnaces in Coney Island (as seen here)
Fiery Furnaces

Wonder Wheel, Siren Fest 2008 (more by Bao Nguyen)
Wonder Wheel

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