Pre-order an exclusive, limited ultra clear vinyl variant of At The Gates' upcoming album in our shop.

At The Gates recently announced their new album The Nightmare of Being (due July 2 via Century Media), and now they've launched pre-orders and shared the first single, "Spectre of Extinction." We've got an exclusive ultra clear vinyl variant available in our store, limited to just 300 copies.

For the uninitiated, At The Gates initially put out four albums in the '90s, culminating in the release of 1995's Slaughter of the Soul, a stone cold classic of Swedish melodeath that influenced the entire second wave of American metalcore and still sounds timeless today. When they finally returned in 2014 with their first album in nearly 20 years, At War with Reality, they proved to be just as good as they were in the '90s, and 2018's great To Drink from the Night Itself kept the momentum going. So it should come as no surprise that new single "Spectre of Extinction" is yet another winner. It sounds like classic At The Gates, and it's just as thrilling as they were in the '90s. Listen below. A music video will premiere at noon ET.


Pre-order our exclusive vinyl variant of The Nightmare of Being here.

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